BPM 3000

BPM 3000

Fully automatic PLATE packaging machine

The BPM 3000 is a fully automatic packaging machine for margarine,
butter and other edible fats into plates.


In combination with the CHR. BOCK & SOHN developed volumetrically controlled dosing system DKD or VKD, the BPM 3000 achieves an optimum packaging quality and presentation of your product. Our plants are equipped with the latest touch screens and matching controls.

This allows an easy and intuitive operation of all recipes and production parameters. With the ,Beluga Clean Line‘ design, developed by us, in combination with the ,Mood-line’ status function a maximum efficiency is always granted.

range of application

The BPM 3000 is a fully automatic packaging machine for margarine, butter and other edible fats as well as similar products of various consistencies and sizes in plates. The design and function of this plate packaging machine is tailored to meet the highest degree of packaging quality and capacity.


The infeed of the product is realized in a hygienically closed system by our volumetrically controlled double piston dosing unit. Through processing of the product in idleness, real resting phases are realized, guaranteeing a high plasticity unreached by continuous running systems. The packaging material is automatically fed from the paper reel, cut to exact dimension and then positioned accurately, ensuring continuous high packaging quality. The vertical extrusion into rotating mould chambers ensures an accurate shape even for challenging products. By placing the side flaps underneath the plate, an unwanted opening of the package is prevented even for exceptionally thin plate. The synchronization of operation sequences by rotary cams ensures the flow of production on the highest level of quality.

Technical features

  • range of size:
    1 kg – 5 kg
  • maximum performance:
    7,5 t/hour
  • packaging material:
    min. 30 g/m²
  • energy consumption:
    9 kW in total
  • weight of machine:
    3,1 t
  • handling:
    line supervision (1 person)


clear advantages ...

  • robust and compact design
  • intuitive operation via colour touch screen
  • high output with highest weight precision
  • plate-optimized paper sheet and folding scheme
  • hygienically encapsulated packaging area
  • sectional tempering for extrusion unit
  • meets highest hygienic standards
  • ‚Beluga Clean-Line‘ for function and design
  • ,Mood-Line’ with enhanced optical status signal
  • world wide teleservice via internet
  • well established technical concept - Made in Germany


… and everything that goes with it

  • visible marking (pre-portioning)
  • separate plate-collector
  • CIP-cleaning system
  • resting tubes in various formats
  • resting tube heating system
  • sieve and hole plates
  • check weigher

best combinable with ...

As a convincing service partner we provide you with thorough advice and service before and during the order processing and of course beyond this, with a reliable after sales service.

Design, mode of operation and handling of our machines are always state of the art in technology. 

All given specifications are basic values and subject to change without prior notice.