BWA 10-H

BWA 10-H

Cartonizer with flexible format selection

This fully automatic “wrap-around“ carton packer combines a sophisticated mechanism with state-of-the-art control. 


Servo-controlled linear actuators provide maximum flexibility for the realization of different stacking schemes and reduce the effort of format changes to almost a press of a single button. This includes the sensors, glue positions and the different speeds that are format dependently programmed

The user-friendly design of the box transport is realized by programmable linear actuators instead of chains as installed in conventional machines. This significantly minimizes the eject rate and increases productivity

Range of Application

Fully automatic carton packaging machine based on the ,wrap–around ́ principle. It processes bricks, bars, blocks and plates handled by the industry of margarine, butter and other edible fats as well as comparable products, even from the non–food sector. With its stainless steel design the BWA 10-H meets the highest hygienic demands in the food industry. This unique design in combination with state of the art technology and a most recent electronic control system guarantees a failure free operation. 


The product is fed in by a conveyor belt and placed onto a platform for accumulation and stacking. It is then transferred onto the carton blank, which is positioned on a lowering platform. During the lowering of the blank with the product and the further transport through the machine, the carton flaps and lid are folded and glued. The industry flap is glued during the outfeed of the machine, which is arranged perpendicular to the indeed.

Technical Details

  • supported carton box weights:
    4 kg – 12,5 kg
  • weights of packages:
    100 g - 12,5 kg
  • carton sealing:
    hot melt
  • energy consumption:
    7 kW in total
  • weight of machine:
    2,1 t
  • operation:
    line supervision (1 person)


clear advantages ... 

  • robust and compact design
  • intuitive operation via colour touch screen
  • quick format change over
  • clear and well arranged working area
  • just one carton in process per cycle
  • maintenance-free machine concept
  • ‚Beluga Clean-Line‘ for function and design
  • ,Mood-Line’ with enhanced optical status signal
  • world wide teleservice via internet
  • well established technical concept - Made in Germany


... and everything that goes with it

  • ,Cartonless’ stacking of packages without cardboard
  • external carton magazine
  • control scale for carton content
  • merging and distributing systems
  • various transport systems

best combinable with ...

As a convincing service partner we provide you with thorough advice and service before and during the order processing and of course beyond this, with a reliable after sales service.

Design, mode of operation and handling of our machines are always state of the art in technology. 

All given specifications are basic values and subject to change without prior notice.