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3rd generation of 3 machines

We proudly present the 3000 series of our wrapping machines DKS, SAB and BPM.


The 3rd generation is a combination of the more than 20 year evolution in the 2000 series + many new features, especially developed for the 3000 series.

The first DKS 3000, BPM 3000 and SAB 3000 are already in service. 

Just some highlights which are new on all three machines:

  • new PLC hardware, Siemens S7-1500 (S7-300 is still available optional)
  • new user friendly HMI-surface on Siemens Comfortpanel
  • new data exchange possibilities via ProfiNet
  • additional sensors to monitor crystallization process and pressure
  • auto speed function for optimal synchronization with process plant
  • new functions in DKD to reduce mixed product on changeovers

Plus the new functions which are especially designed for the three individual machines.