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„Make your case packer great again“

Cartonizer BWA 35 / 10-H or 25-H

As an operator of our fully automatic case packer BWA 35 / BWA 10-H or BWA 25-H you hopefully enjoy the reliability of this machine in the daily operation.

We are highly interested in maintaining this reliability which is why we like to point out that the older machines which are equipped with the (white) servo controllers from Siemens should be upgraded soon to our actual controllers from SEW.

Reason for this is that Siemens put the old controllers on their list of obsolete parts, which means it cannot be exchanged anymore from now on and in the future.
A failure in this unit may lead to longer downtimes of the whole machine!

Apart from this the upgrade includes also the new HMI-panel incl. our brand new operators surface which is a big help for the operators as it is almost completely graphical. So it would be easy to understand what is happening in the machine by pressing the respective button on the panel.

Please have a look at the new HMI-surface which of course can not only be implemented in the machines with the obsolete servo controllers, but also in any of our case packer which does not have it so far.

Please get in contact with Robert Odebrecht from our service department, who will work out the offer explicitly for your machine.

Benefit from our many years of experience and please contact us for further Information.